Laserlicht gegen Krebs
Laserlicht gegen Krebs

Photodynamic Therapy - Cancertreatment

PDT is a field of alternative cancer treatments is a promising method of treatment and is gaining more and more interest in addition to previously used chemotherapies, radiation and surgery to remove malignant tumor tissues.

PDT is much gentler on the patient and compared to common methods of treatment side effects and health risks are low.


With the help of a sterile catheter laser light can be directed into deep tissue layers. By this method, the blue as well the green laser light can exert their anti-inflammatory effect. Via the catheter internal Photodynamic Laser Therapy achieves successful results.


In Photodynamic Therapy patients get injected photosensitizers. Photosensitizers are light-activatable substances that due to their molecular properties bind selectively to tumor cells as a photosensitizer we use Chlorin E6, Hypericin and Curcumin.


A few hours after administration of the photosensitizer, in which the agent accumulates in the tumor tissue, the second treatment step is carried out.


A laser beam of a particular wave length leads to excitation or activation of the photosensitizernin the tumor cells.



Patients`s before Photodynamic Therapy



Administration of a photosensitizer.



Distribution of the photosensitizer through the bloodstream



By his molecular properties the photosensitizer accumulates selectively in the tumor tissue.



This proceduces oxygen radicals which have toxic effects on the tumor cells until finally the cell death occurs. The advantage of the PDT is the limination of the therapy to the malignent tumor tissue by the specific and selective structure of the photosensitizer and focused laser radiation. The surrounding healthy tissue is not affected by the PDT-effect. The gentle PDT can be used as offen as desired and can easily be combinated with hemotherapie. The PDT-treatment is conducted in our outpatient clinic.

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