Laserlicht gegen Krebs
Laserlicht gegen Krebs

Laser acupuncture

The acupuncture applied from the field of Chinese medicine, is already one of the most common treatment form of conventional medicine. Due the application of red, blue and green lasers can the pain and acupuncture are be stimulate in different ways.
Every acupuncture area is in interaction with a speacial organ or the organ circle and
causes a targeted cure.

The laser light stimulates the biological information flow between the cells which reinforced positiv the cell metabolism and the new formation of tissue is accelerated,
 which enables a cure and regulation process

Laseracupuncture are used for example for neurology treatment, like treating migraine or for orthopedics treating joint problems.

The following table shows the wide treatment possibility of Laseracupuncture.

Orthopedics Neurology/Psych. Internal Medicine Dermatology
Range of Laseracupuncture Treatments


Spine Syndroms

Residual paralysis after stroke Gastrointerectal Diseases Eczema
Disc Herniation Migraine and other Headache syndrom Circulatory Disorders Atopic Diseases
Knee Osteoarthritis Trigeminal Neurologia Bronchial Asthma psoriasis


Allergie Diseases Chronic wounds
Thumb Osteoarthritis Depression Hypertension Ache
Shoulder Arthritis Psychovegetative Exhaution Diabetes mellitus Herpes
Tennis elbow Addictions General Fatigue Shingles
Tendinitis MS and other neurodegenerative Diseases   gingivitis
Fibromyalgia Snydrom and PCP Parkinsons Disease Parkinson`s Disease    
Ankylosing Spondolyttis      

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